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1948 Pontiac Silver Streak

'57 Restoration

The restoration was done by Dan Wooster, using many original parts.


The '57 restore was an extensive undertaking, spanning a number of years. It was a difficult task to find so many original parts. But a special thanks to Turner's Auto Body, Kenosha, WI for being a big part of the restoration.


The vehicle was ultimately sold to a wonderful new owner, who enjoys owning it and cares for it very well.

1963 Ladwari Conquest

The Ladwari Conquest body was purchased in 1963 by Glenn Wooster - 2nd generation Wooster's Garage, and Dan's father. The chassis was completed and the body was mounted. It went into storage in 1965. Dan has taken it out of storage and will complete the build that his father started all of those years ago.


1964 Ladwari Conquest complete build - to be built to vintage racing specs

1963 Ladwari Conquest Dan Wooster

Have You Heard About the Twins?

57 Corvette / '07 Corvette - The Story of the VIN Twins

Dan Wooster VIN Twins
Dan Wooster Corvette Vin Twins
Dan Wooster Corvettes


The 1957 Corvette – the first production car to incorporate fuel injection, 4 speed transmission and positraction rear axle options.

My ’57 – VIN number E575105160, built July 10, 1957. 50 years later, my ’07 – VIN number 1G1YY36U175105160, was built on August 14, 2006, and I picked it up on my birthday.

The ’57 is one of 931 built that year as a hardtop only car (although some of these originals have since then been modified to soft top convertible). It was polo white with a red interior. I am not sure if it came originally with the 270 HP and 4 speed option. When I bought it there was a 1962 Corvette engine and a T-10 4 speed transmission in the car and set up with traction bars, exhaust cutouts, HD shocks, Hurst shifter and chrome reversed wheels. The rear exhaust outlets, bezels and spears had been removed and fiberglassed shut.

I had the car painted Porsche Red and installed the beige Al Knock interior. The engine is an NOS 283 Outboard Marine engine that was still in the crate when I got it. I rebuilt it to 1961 – 270 HP specs with the Duntov Cam and 11:1 compression pistons. One carburetor is original.

I disassembled the chassis and components with the body off. Installed new HD springs, shocks, bearings, seals, bushings and brake system components, and painted all components with 2 part epoxy paint. The transmission is the 62 T-10 and the rear axle is the standard 3:55 gear. The original chrome was replated with new exhaust bezels and spears. A stainless exhaust system with the off-road mufflers were installed.

The car originally came with a tonneau cover and still has the dealer installed Motorola Transistor radio.

I added the Dayton 7” Knockoff wire wheels (Dayton wire wheels were used on the 1956 SR2 Lookalike built for Harlow Curtis, the 1956 Corvette Impala and the 1958 XP700 Corvette show cars).

Beautiful rendering of the '57  By Richa


Beautiful rendering of the '57

By Richard Smyth

Illustrator, Airbrush Artist

Advanced Illustration and Design

Glenview, Illinois

Dan Wooster Wooster's Garage

Dan and the 57 Corvette in 2018

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