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Getting Somewhere

There is a lot to the automotive industry, owning a shop, trying to make changes and keeping up with it all. This is a little behind the scenes of the automotive industry, tips and tricks and more to help bridge the gap between us and our customers.

Starting the shop

I started my own, independent repair shop in 2017 because I wanted to find a place to fit in, I wanted to see changes in my industry and because of some of the challenges I personally had faced being a woman in the automotive industry. It's been an amazing experience that I am grateful for, and I hope to use this platform to help teach others about what it is like not only being a woman in the field, but in the automotive industry and to teach customers some of the basics as well.

Auto Clinics

Before Covid hit and made it nearly impossible to do the monthly auto clinics, we really enjoyed being able to engage with customers and hear the questions they had. Anything from how could they know if they needed a part, what to keep in their car and provide some hands on experiences for learning about their individual vehicle needs. Our goal now is to move them over online here but in a somewhat different form. If you have a topic or questions you want to see covered, send them to us and we will work on getting them added here. We hope to see everyone back in the shop eventually for those classes but for the time being, this is a great way to still learn a few little tips and tricks along the way.

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