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Don't Skip The Inspection When Car Shopping

When it comes to car shopping, car enthusiasts can have a blast while the thought of it leaves many others stressed. Check out a few simple tips below that are really important when it comes to purchasing a vehicle new to you.

Inspections are everything.

Purchasing a new vehicle without having it inspected is extremely risky. One of the biggest concerns we see in our shop, if not the biggest from our customers, is wondering what they actually got from their car shopping adventures. Sometimes it works out great, while plenty of other times it does not. We always advise having a vehicle you want to buy inspected prior to the purchase for a few very specific reasons.

Why should you have it inspected?

In reality this list could get quite extensive, but I will leave you with a few very important reasons:

  • You don't know if the vehicle is even safe to drive. That doesn't make a good investment or a good decision in general if you bought something that shouldn't even be on the road. We don't want to be the one to have to tell you that after the sale at the shop either (although it happens all the time).

  • If the person or dealership does not want you to take it for an inspection, they are more than likely hiding at least one thing and you should seriously pass on it. Even just mentioning going for an inspection will weed out a few bad sales for some right away.

  • If it does need work, at least you can get an estimate on repairs prior to purchasing the car. That cost should be factored in to what you are spending on the purchase.

While technicians can't exactly see into the future, they can look for signs of things starting to wear out, look for any serious concerns like frame damage, things already broken or leaking and even give suggestions based on common problems with that particular vehicle. Don't forget to test drive it yourself as well.

Aside from the importance of getting the vehicle inspected before purchasing, there are so many other factors that need to be considered. Details like finance vs leasing, dealer vs private party, budget, etc which we will get into more in additional posts. Make sure to follow us online for basic how to's, tips and tricks and more!

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